Right Path on Dharma Practices

Methods on “Right-to-the point” Dharma Practices


Aims  Methods
1.      To seek this-worldly desires: money, longevity, rebirth in a better place, and so on (Aim of worshipping Buddhas and Bodhisattvas by ordinary people) To sow the “Seeds of Cause”: Do good deeds, get rid of evil behavioral actions  (Basic mind-training)
2.      To seek other-worldly desire:  To be reborn into the Pure Land (Aim of middle-level Dharma practitioners) To sow the “Seeds of Cause”: One must have Dharma practice, and choose “the correct method and focus of Dharma practice” in order to have a better successful rate in “getting rebirth into the Pure Land”. That is, Mind-training (to remove “Greed, Hatred and Ignorance”) and to undertake practical training for one’s “mental strength” (i.e. mental concentration).
3.      To seek other-worldly desire: To attain “Buddhahood” (Aim of high-level Dharma practitioners) To sow the “Seeds of Cause”: Have “Mind-training”, and to undertake training on “Emptiness”.