The Meaning of Life

Life Care

 If one can make good use of all the resources in this very lifetime, including: one’s own wealth, knowledge, abilities, time, longevity and health, so that one can have a more in-depth understanding of one’s post-death life, of “how to extend beyond it, how to deal with adversities, and how to escape from dangers”. It can also help one to redefine one’s own attitudes and ways of “dealing with people and things”, so as to discard all evil behaviors while uphold goodness and kindness to all.

At the same time, it can help one to use suitable and wise methods to positively train and enhance the degrees of clarity and concentration of one’s “mental strength” for the further elevation of one’s spiritual state, and also learn how to cope with the new form and mode of existence after one’s own death. In this way, it would continuously help one to elevate the spiritual realm of one’s own life until being “liberated from the cycle of karmic existence”, and thus to totally break away from all of the shackles of life and existence.

Such good use and handling of this lifetime’s resources will further enrich this very life, enhance and elevate the evolutionary process of life, and to be finally liberated from all of the shackles of this life, so as to face death squarely. One can even go further by the “making use of death” to accelerate the evolutionary process of one’s “spiritual life”, such that one has no regrets for “what one has possessed and existed” in this lifetime, and can further live up to the expectations of one’s future life. This is, indeed, the true “meaning of life”!

The Chinese sage Zhuangzi had once said: “Good in my life, good in my death”, which means that “if one can take care of one’s life well, one can also face one’s death squarely with ease”. If one can positively face one’s own life, understand what life is all about, learn how to deal with life, and can even ultimately control one’s own life with ease, without any entanglements, and neither will one have to face again the “cycle of karmic existence”, then they are, indeed, the “masters of their lives” who can truly understand the “essence of life”: If one can truly understand life well, then one will also truly understand death as well.

When one can cherish what one has in this life, display the driving force of life to release and develop one’s potential and radiance of life to their fullest extent, one will then be able to liberate oneself from the spinning-wheel-like shackles of life and existence (i.e. the “cycle of karmic existence”), and stop feeling helpless in the continual “cycles of life and death”. This kind of wisdom is as bright as the “light” itself, and is also the “true meaning and essence of life”.

Ever since the Year 2000, the Dudjom Buddhist Association (International) has spared no efforts in promoting “Life and Death Education”, so as to facilitate people in this modern world to re-think, re-evaluate, and reflect from a totally new vantage point on the major critical issue in one’s life – “Life and Death”, and to foster new insights for the true meaning and value of one’s life with a new understanding, so that they know how to deal with the operations of the “post-death world”, and to stay away from dangers for an even better rebirth.

To re-evaluate one’s understanding on the true meaning and value of life itself !

Be the Master of One’s Own Destiny, and

To Save Oneself at the Moment of Death!