Welcome to Dudjom Buddhist Association International!

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Dudjom Buddhist Association (International) is a world renowned Buddhist Center founded in Hong Kong.

The greatest of all merits will be for the propagation of the authentic and genuine Buddhist teachings, so as to help all sentient beings in achieving their own liberation and enlightenment. Ever since 1998, the Dudjom Buddhist Association (International) has been trying its best, in using the correct methods, for both the “breadth” and the “depth” on the propagation of the Buddhist teachings.

Having regard to the learning characteristics of modern people, the Dudjom Buddhist Association (International) launches a series of teaching courses on the Buddhist Holy Dharma, on such topics as “Mind-training and Dharma Practices”, “Dharma Practices of Tibetan Buddhism” and so on, which are easy to understand. Such courses use simple and clear language to explain the amazing subtlety of the Buddhist Holy Dharma, analyze their intricacy in a systematic and deductive way, while using “scientific discoveries” and modern concepts as footnotes, so as to present their ingeniousness with a modern vocabulary.

As a Dharma practicing dojo venue of the Nyingma School of Tibetan Buddhism, the approach of the Dudjom Buddhist Association (International) is to put education as the main line of our focus and to lay a scientifically-based foundation on the understanding of the Buddhist teachings, so as to dispel superstitions of all sorts, and to restore the true and authentic nature of the correct paths of the Buddhist Holy Dharma.

The various means on teaching the quintessence of the Buddhist teachings, especially on the teachings on “Emptiness”, have been widely disseminated through different multimedia publications (such as the publications of various DVDs, books, the Buddhist Journal of the “Light of Lotus”, and the Buddhist bimonthly magazine of the “Lake of Lotus”, and so on), as well as through online publications.

So far, the Dudjom Buddhist Association (International) has published over 350 of various types and kinds of teaching materials in its “Multimedia Dharma Preaching Series”, which thus fully demonstrates its pragmatic approach and preaching style in the propagation of the Buddhist Holy Dharma. In this way, it has helped to spread the Buddhist teachings in benefiting many sentient beings!

Dudjom Buddhist Association International Limited is a registered charitable organization. 

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Donations to our organization can be used for tax exemption purposes by taxpayers in Hong Kong. The proof of our registered status as a Tax-Exempt Charity can be found at http://www.ird.gov.hk/eng/tax/ach_search.htm.